Average corner kicks are calculated individually for each league across a single season. For example, in the Premier league there were an average of 10.15 corners per game in the 2020/21 season. 5.54 corners were taken by the home team and 4.61 corner kicks were taken on average by the away sides. In the 2019/20 season the average figure was 10.7 corners per match.

LeagueAverage CornersHome TeamAway Team
1Eliteserien11.1 / game6.384.73
2Premiership10.39 / game4.615.78
3UEFA Women’s Champions League10.1 / game6.383.72
4Premier League10 / game5.84.2
5Bundesliga9.93 / game5.074.87
6Championship9.87 / game5.664.21
7Serie A9.64 / game4.894.74
8UEFA Champions League9.42 / game5.573.84
9Ligue 19.25 / game4.644.61
10J1 League8.99 / game4.454.54
11La Liga8.87 / game5.153.72
12UEFA Europa League8.65 / game5.762.88
13Ligue 28.5 / game4.63.9
The Corners TABLE

Are Corners bet Safe and Sure

Yes, Absolutely safe and you don’t have to bother about the FT result/outcome of the game. Follow the table above and select the right leagues.

Over Or Under In Corners?

Under is always the safest option in corners e.g Under 12.5 Corners. Follow the table above and select the right league to play from